Charmaine and Maddie Rae

Maddie Rae 1 year old vizsla has been receiving her doggie box monthly since she was 12 weeks old. I am a believer that dogs need to chew. Julie provides that to my dog. The doggie box she provide is incredible, bones are smokey and fresh. You cannot compare this product to anything that’s available in pet stores. When you place your order you will know what I mean with this statement.

Side effects of this doggie box? Maddie Rae has never dug a single hole in my yard or chewed up any of her toys, or my shoes or the furniture or my house trimmings.

Worth every penny you pay for them and the amount of bones you receive is perfect exactly 1 months worth.

Miss Julie, Maddie Rae says thank you, thank you, thank you, for making these available to her mommy

Caitlin and Milla

“I would recognize that box anywhere! Bones! When mom works from home, I get a bone so I have work to do too. Apparently she think I am distracting when I try to sit on her laptop. Or, when she is trying to do laundry and she doesn’t want me rolling around in the clean clothes, I get a bone then too! Some ask what is my secret to a healthy human mother and dog daughter relationship? Box of Bones!” – Milla Bolanos, 2 yrs old

“The box of bones have been such a help in our house. I often work from home, and come mid-afternoon, my pup is dying for my attention. She will swipe my hands away from the laptop, try to sit in my lap, or walk on the kitchen table…. So, I give her a treat from the box, and I get an hour of peace. Or, if I just need a little peace and quiet after a long day in the office, a bone from the box does the trick! You get such a great variety of good quality bones for such a great price – all delivered to your front door!”

Hunter and Diesel

My dog, Diesel, loves the bones that Julie sends out so much that if you try to take it from him you are likely to come back with a nub for a finger. Need I mention the value? The bones that Julie provides is way better than anything you can buy retail. I have tried retail product for Diesel only to find a mess in the house when I returned home because it upset his stomach. With the high quality, natural bones, Julie provides there have been zero issues with him being sick or upset stomach. Highly recommend the bones for the value, and the quality.