About Us

About Us

I’ve always been an animal lover, especially dogs. I had mixed breeds all my life until 2000 when I got my first Vizsla. With Tivo, I competed in conformation, agility, obedience, hunt tests and horseback field trials. While attending conformation shows with Tivo, his bird dog nose led us to vendors who sold bones and treats. I purchased a variety of bones for Tivo and Divot, and later Taren and Haulin’. More dogs would follow, more bone purchases too!

I’ve given these bones to my mixed breeds and pure breeds, male and female, old and young, without any problems.
While stocking up for my dogs at the local show the thought occurred to me to make a mixed box of these bones to other dog lovers. Hence, CHEW ON THIS DOG BONES was born. I hope your dog(s) enjoy these as much as mine do.


Bones are US raised beef, pork and chicken products from USDA inspected facilities. The special way of processing locks in the natural flavor and nutrition. Bones are processed and hand packaged daily from our supplier to insure freshness.

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