Chew on this
Dog Bones

A tasty, irresistible box of bones for your favorite dog.

What WE Offer

Chew On This Dog Bones is a monthly subscription box of bones for your favorite canine. Included in each box is a mixture of bones that are age and size appropriate for your dog. By having a mixture of bones, your dog enjoys a variety of textures, flavors and shapes which keeps them interested for longer periods of time. This keeps them anticipating what kind of bone is coming next. Whether you have a puppy or an adult, large or small, or multiple dogs, each will enjoy the delicious smoked flavor of Chew On This Dog Bones. These bones have been available for years individually. Chew On This Dog Bones has developed mixed boxes, delivered right to your front door. Chew On This Dog Bones are USA raised livestock, processed in USDA inspected facilities, all right here in the USA.

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Maddie Rae 1 year old vizsla has been receiving her doggie box monthly since she was 12 weeks old. I am a believer that dogs need to chew. Charmaine and Maddie Rae
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